Wasabi & Shoyu Ahi Poke Now Available At Target!

We are very pleased to announce that you can find Annasea Shoyu & Wasabi Ahi Poke Kits at your local Target this holiday season. Located in the seafood freezer section, our poke kits make a fast, easy meal for a quick date night, a dinner at home, or a high-protein after workout snack.

Click on one of the flavors to the right to check out the inventory near you! Make sure to enter your zip code on their website to find the closest poke kits to you.

At Annasea, easy poke is as simple as: Thaw, Mix, and Serve. Enjoy the freshest flavors and authentic Hawaiian recipes that taste just like what you’ll get in Oahu or the Big Island.

E hauʻoli! (Enjoy!)