Responsibility, Safety, & Sustainability

Annasea knows that our products must meet rigorous standards to create trust in the industry. We also want to do our fair share in maintaining the health and supply of our oceans, farms, and rivers. Here are some of the ways that we do that:

SQF Logo Annasea Foods Group

SQF Level 2 Certification

Also known as a “Certified HACCP-Based Food Safety Plan”, this certification helps us to ensure that the products leaving our facility are monitored, traceable, and safe. It is our promise to you that our seafood is produced in a well-regulated facility.



Along with our SQF certification, we pride ourselves on our HACCP plan and ability to react in different facets of the supply chain. This improves traceability of our fish, and ultimately leads to a much better experience for our customers.


MSC Certification

Our MSC certifications means that we are approved to process MSC chain of custody fish. These fish are taken care of, labelled properly by species, and sustainable so the future generations have healthy oceans and enough seafood for subsistence.


Environmental Standards

Our catch methods are as non-invasive as possible. We strive to use hand-line or “one-by-one” catch methods for as many products as we can.

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ASC Certification

This is a certification for farmed fish. Specifically, we have ASC certified Atlantic Salmon ready for fillets, portion programs, or other food service applications. It ensures healthy living conditions for the fish and that well-managed farms are used.


Corporate Social Responsibility

By vertically integrating our supply chain in the Philippines, Vietnam, and beyond, we are able to ensure our fisherman and processors are treated fairly and paid a fair wage. Working conditions are routinely audited and monitored by 3rd Party NGO’s.