Our Objectives

As a vertically integrated seafood processor and distributor, we know that
keeping ahead of the trend is what will differentiate us.



Investment in advanced, efficient equipment offers smart processing solutions to meet the demand of our customer specifications. Our modern processing and cold storage facility is refrigerated and has ample warehouse capacity to streamline production, logistics, and distribution.

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As a family owned and operated company, our employees are family. Our commitment never falters from the tenets of healthy growth. We know that investment into our facility, technology, equipment, and employee programs is crucial to success. We work with our stakeholders to assist with and create programs that benefit everyone.


Sustainable Practices

We recognize the importance of providing expertise and funding to educate local fisherman all across the world to meet internationally accepted “good practices” of fishery management. We work with the MSC and ASC certification programs to ensure we are implementing the sustainability practices needed to maintain healthy ocean stock.