From Dream to Reality

Started in 1998, our mission was always to provide the PNW with the highest quality fish products. We sourced the freshest available salmon, tuna, and exotic fish from all around the world for restaurants, wholesalers, and consumers alike. Starting in 1998 as Western United Fish Company, we chose AnnaSea as a namesake to the owner’s daughter, Anna for our products.

The Poke People

We were blessed to have become a leading ahi poke supplier even before the trend caught onto the mainland. Our team worked diligently in Hawaii to craft the finest recipes, source authentic ingredients, and make sure tuna was always in-stock. With 7 varieties to choose from, AnnaSea Foods Group poke is some of the best in the world.


Where technology and craftsmanship meet

Our machines allow our skilled workers to provide efficient cutting of fresh fish, while delivering on-time to customers. We utilize high-tech machinery in our daily operations for safety, productivity, and the best fish that we can get out our door.

What it means for you

This all adds up to a family owned business which cares about seafood and lives on its reputation. Whether you own a restaurant, business, or are shopping at the store, choose AnnaSea brand products for high-quality fish products!