What is poke?

Poke (Pronounced like “Okay” with a P) is a Hawaiian word meaning “to cut”, and started out as a way for local fisherman to take their catch, some salt, and oil and combine them to create a fresh and healthy meal.

As time went on, local Hawaiians started to add additional ingredients, like Kukui Nuts and Limu Seaweed. Traditionally, it is made of Ahi Tuna, aka Yellowfin Tuna, however other Hawaiian fish such as Marlin and Albacore were popular.

The trend migrated onto the mainland United States around 2009, which was boosted by Annasea being one of the first to bring Authentic Hawaiian Poke to the masses. Our recipes were developed by Hawaiians on Oahu, not in a laboratory or kitchen halfway across the world. With one bite, you’ll taste exactly that. Real Hawaiian flavors and delicious Ahi Tuna, Albacore, Salmon, or Shrimp.

Poke's Popularity On the Mainland (Via Google Trends)

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