Vertically integrated seafood wholesaler, importer, exporter, processor, distributor and producer with operations in the continental US, Hawaii and Asia.

Quality and Integrity

We take pride in our ability to source, custom process, develop delicious value added products, and ship high quality seafood products. We are committed to sustainable practices by supporting fishery improvement projects that meet Marine Steward Council certification and best practice standards.

Wholesale, Food Service, Retail

We maintain our reputation for delivering a responsive customer experience by investing in technology and retaining skilled employees to custom process salmon, tuna, exotic fish, and fresh or frozen value added products.

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Two New Poke Flavors for Spring 2020

Annasea’s two new poke flavors will expand menus and meet consumer demands. Inspired by the ongoing popularity and momentum of consumers looking for variety and plant based protein, Annasea is excited to introduce California Roll Ahi Tuna Poke and Sweet Chili Tofu.

Annasea Sweet Chili Tofu Poke – This plant-based protein offers a vegan option for consumers by blending sweet chili perfectly seasoned to accompany the mild taste and texture of tofu.

Annasea California Roll Ahi Tuna Poke – Everyone’s favorite served in a bowl. Invincible Ahi tuna meets creamy avocado and sweet surimi (Pollock) for an unforgettable year-round favorite.