What Is Poke?

Taste of Hawaii

Poke (Pronounced like “Okay” with a P) is a Hawaiian word meaning “to cut.” Poke began when Native Hawaiians combined their fresh catch with seasonings such as salt, limu (seaweed), kukui nut, and sesame oil to create a healthy snack. Traditionally, it is made of Ahi Tuna (Yellowfin Tuna) or Albacore.

Easy Mix and Serve Poke Kits

Food service and retail kits available.

Annasea Foods Group Poke

Our fresh products come from partners in well established and managed fisheries that go into the marketplace ready for consumers to purchase and enjoy within 48 hours. Our poke is made by skilled employees specializing in processing and handling fragile seafood.

In 2011, when we started our Annasea Hawaiian Brand, we sourced and developed authentic ingredients to create over seven varieties available at Today, we are the world’s largest fresh and frozen poke producer.

Responding to consumer lifestyle and snacking trends, our retail kits are fresh, convenient and healthy –  enjoyed as a snack or meal with a traditional bowl of rice or salad. Our Hawaii R&D team work to craft traditional island flavors using authentic ingredients for the “Taste of Hawaii.”