Two New Poke Flavors for Spring 2020

Two new poke flavors from Annasea Foods Group – Kent, Washington.

Annasea’s two new poke flavors will expand menus and meet consumer demands. Inspired by the ongoing popularity and momentum of consumers looking for variety and plant based protein, Annasea is excited to introduce California Roll Ahi Poke and Sweet Chili Tofu.

Annasea Sweet Chili Tofu Poke – This plant based protein offers a vegan option for consumers. It blends perfectly seasoned sweet chili with the mild taste and texture of tofu.

Annasea California Roll Ahi Tuna Poke – Everyone’s favorite served in a bowl. Invincible ahi tuna meets creamy avocado and sweet surimi (Pollock) for an unforgettable year round favorite.

These two new poke flavors expands Annasea’s poke offering to nine perfectly seasoned poke kits. Our poke kits are ready to be served as a casual meal, impress as a party dish, or protein packed appetizer.